Experimental Drawing: From the Habitual to the Historical

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Experimental Drawing: From the Habitual to the Historical

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Experimental Drawing: From the Habitual to the Historical

This is a 4 week course. Classes can be taken individually or in sequence.


Krista Dragomer Studio: 50 Richards St, 1st Fl, Red Hook, BK


This is not a class where you have to be “good at drawing.” A working definition of drawing could be: a means of having a conversation with oneself in a language that is primarily (but not exclusively) visual. Drawing can be pin holes on a page, tape on a wall, an arrangement of words, or objects on a beach.

Age: 21 and up

Class Size: max 10

Instructor: Krista Dragomer


4 week workshop focused on experimental drawing and discussion. Part self-discovery, part experimental drawing, part art survey, this workshop is designed to engage anyone interested in an open-ended exploration of the ways we discover meaning through mark-making.

Throughout each class, we will tune into the details of our individual approaches to creative challenges, and use these self observations as a basis for increasing our vocabulary of expressive mark-making. Through a series of exercises paired with examples of artists’ work, we will explore how simple actions can have historical, social, and political resonance.

All materials are provided. If there are materials of your own you’d like to explore further, feel free to bring them.

Krista Dragomer holds an MFA in Art History, Visual Art and Theory from the University of British Columbia and her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Dragomer's work uses drawing and painting, found objects, sculpture, and sound to explore the permeable boundaries between species and/or within a singular being. She is a frequent collaborator with the Multispecies Collective and on the public art and film projects of Rashin Fahandej.

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